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Skin Care

We offer professional grade skin care lines that are only available for purchase through a provider. These products offer many benefits you are not able to get from over the counter products along with the expertise on what will work best for your skin and type. 

8-in-1 BioSerum

This serum can be used with your current products you love or with the skin care line for best results. It is known as microneedling in a bottle. 

2- Minute Reveal Masque

This is a gentle, warming exfoliating face mask infused with ultra-fine Sugar Crystals and Triple Enzyme Technology that starts the skin renewal process by thoroughly removing dull, unwanted cells.

3-D Eye Radiance Cream

This radiance eye cream is a technology-loaded anti-aging skincare treatment designed to address challenging cosmetic concerns for the skin around the eyes. It is infused with breakthrough Age-Repair Defensins® and clinically tested and shown to be an effective eye cream for dark circles.  

1-Step Multi Cleanse

This facial cleanser melts away surface debris in seconds, instantly dissolves heavy makeup and waterproof mascara, and helps liquefy impurities and air pollutants in pores.

24/7 Barrier Balance Anti-Aging Cream

Intense hydrating cream infused with Age-Repair Defensins®, multi-action barrier balancing ingredients and skin brightening skincare actives work together to regenerate and rejuvenate the appearance of skin. 

6-Week Perfection Neck Tightening Cream

The DefenAge 6-Week Perfection Neck Tightening Cream is a luxe anti-aging neck-firming cream formulated using leading scientific advances. It has become the best neck-firming cream in the industry for its ability to correct the challenging deep lines, folds, and impacts of gravity on the fragile skin of the neck, where aging is often more noticeable.

10-Luxe Hand and Body Cream

When used as an anti-aging hand cream, this product smooths and softens the skin on the hands and keeps skin glowing all over the body. This lotion for aging skin is beneficial in combination with body-contouring procedures to improve visible skin firmness and overall skin quality. We recommended pairing our firming body cream with skin rejuvenation treatments to amplify results in reducing the look of pigmentation, sun damage and mild skin laxity.

150K Hair Follicle Serum

The DefenAge 150K Hair Follicle Serum works by revitalizing the environment surrounding the hair follicles, creating an optimal ecosystem to help the follicles to flourish. Can be used alongside Plexr treatments. 

Wedding Prep 

Get your skin glowing with a beautiful wedding skincare routine! Use our high-performing collection to relieve your skin from the day’s stress and promote the skin’s natural renewal process. The Wedding Prep Skincare Routine comes in the largest sizes for even more added value.

360- Rejuvenation Nail Root Serum

The 360-Rejuvenation Nail Root Serum is the first-ever nail rejuvenation serum that utilizes Defensin-molecules to target the real source of healthy nails – the root! As we age, our nails become thinner, weaker, and more fragile or brittle. Life habits, including our diet, daily tasks, and hobbies, also affect our nails. The root of nail growth is located in the nail matrix, in the LGR6+ cells that produce our nails and are responsible for nail regeneration.

Men's Care Lines

Men’s Skin Provision is a scientifically proven, easy-to-use skincare system tailored and formulated directly to the unique needs of men’s skin. It is designed for daily skin maintenance and promotes healthy skin that looks fresh, energized, and young.

Man Cave Booster

The Men’s Skin Booster concept was developed after multi-year clinical studies and observations proved that the extra dose of Defensin-molecules “boosts” skin to repopulate with fresh, new, and young cells when done at least annually. This combination produces outstanding benefits for the look and appearance of the skin and overall visible skin health.

Cleansing Oil

Our antioxidant-rich cleansing oil is formulated with natural and sustainable ingredients, including Broccoli seed oil, to provide a gentle yet effective makeup remover. It removes long-wear makeup and impurities and leaves your skin with a gorgeous, healthy glow. The lightweight oil helps to keep your skin hydrated, ensuring it feels fresh and soft to the touch. And, unlike oil-based cleansers, it rinses off cleanly with water, leaving no oily residue behind.

Vit C+ Serum

Our VIT C+ serum is a potent antioxidant cocktail that combines lipid-soluble Vitamin C and Vitamin E with HA to achieve just that. Suitable for all skin types, this face serum not only helps improve the appearance of your skin but also provides protection against free radicals caused by UV exposure and environmental stressors.Experience the luxury of bright, youthful skin with VIT C+ day and night cream. Suitable for all skin types, VIT C+ is the ultimate skincare solution for achieving a beautiful, glowing look. This rich cream protects, nourishes, and renews your skin's tone and texture, leaving you with a radiant complexion around the clock.


ConcHealer is a multi-purpose tinted cream that serves as a primer, color corrector, and sun protectant and provides aftercare for skin procedures. Infused with high levels of active skincare ingredients, this lightweight and oil-controlling cream contains a Hyaluronic Acid and Multi-Peptide Complex that promotes rapid healing and Seaweed and Chamomile extracts that offer to calm and relaxing properties. With its intense hydration and ability to instantly correct uneven skin tone and imperfections, ConcHealer deeply moisturizes skin all day while protecting it from UVA and UVB. It blends effortlessly into the skin without clogging pores.Its lightweight, oil-controlling formula is enriched with potent active skincare ingredients to effectively heal and soothe dehydrated skin while providing a subtly tinted coverage.


If you're a retinol user seeking visible results without skin irritation, Certinol is the perfect solution. Our powerful nighttime treatment contains 1.00% slow-released retinol combined with Glycolic Acid delivery technology, ensuring a steady and even release for profound, rejuvenating effects. Our retinol formula is gentle on the skin and slow-release, utilizing microcapsule-entrapped retinol to avoid any burning sensation often associated with regular retinol use.

Vitamin C Balm

Our Vitamin-C Balm is a hydrating and brightening leave-on mask that provides rich, non-greasy moisture for your skin. It's perfect for daily use, day or night, and helps to promote rejuvenating collagen production while protecting the skin. With 13 plant-derived oil collections, our balm is expertly crafted to provide many benefits to the skin. This unique blend of oils calms and replenishes the skin's barrier, providing deep hydration to alleviate dryness and conditions like eczema. It also helps to strengthen and soothe the skin for a healthier and more radiant complexion.

After Plexr Treatments

Vitamin C Balm is always recommended after any resurfacing and soft surgery treatments. This will help to hydrate the skin after these treatments for a more vibrant look.

 ConcHealer is a specially formulated soothing solution that conceals skin redness and provides aftercare for sun exposure or various procedures, including Plexr treatments.

What Our Clients Say

Jane H. "Love this product!"

I love the BioSerum. Defanage is the best skin care line I have ever used. And I tried many over my 50+ years. I no longer have dry or oily skin. The 3 minute scrub is incredible. Makes my skin smooth and glowing.
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