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Hello Everyone!!

Thank you so much for visiting our page. We at Live Young Medical believe that every person has different needs and wants and that is why we believe in Getting to Know You for the person you are, not just a one size fits all experience. We work with you and develop an individualized treatment plan that works for your budget to get you to your final destination. We also offer a personal beauty investment account, which not only saves you a percentage on every treatment and product we offer, but also allows you to save every month whatever you do not use. We invite you to reserve a Getting to Know You Session to discover all the ways we can help you reach your goals!

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My Story

My name is Dawn Bonham and I am so excited for you to have visited my page. I have been married over 25 years, I am a mother of 3 children, a Navy Veteran, a Navy spouse, an Army brat, an avid book reader, a collector of hobbies, and I have a passion for changing people's lives. I have been a nurse for over a decade and I began my journey in the operating room as a circulator where I then began my leadership tract working all the way to Director of Surgical Services. After a while, I decided I missed taking care of people and went back for my NP. While going to school, I decided to work on the floor as a Med-Surg nurse and here is where my passion began to grow. I had so many patients that shared their journeys of not being able to do the things they had once enjoyed because of weight gain, they missed the hair they had before chemo and radiation or COVID, they missed their intimacy with their partners and so many other stories. From this, I researched ways I could help them along with looking for jobs in my new field. Not finding any, but needing to begin my new journey as a NP, I asked my husband Matt what he thought about me doing my own business and that is how Live Young Medical was born. Matt even helped me by investing his 401K to get started and he is the one who came up with the name and is always my test dummy for anything I do. So know that everything from Botox to fillers to our Plexr has always been done on my husband of 25 years and we will continue to have you Always Looking Your Best... Yes that was his idea as well!!


I'm always looking for new and exciting ways to help you achieve your goals. Let's connect.

Text: 712-216-7272

Call: 402-681-8662

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